How can we make the best combination and choice among so many international brands?

“Industrial electrics” is the core of Manufacturing Industry, are you interested in feeling the convenience and safety with professional quality?

UGEAN produced low-voltage power distribution cabinet, electrical engineering projects and industrial automatic control system, devotes in helping every customer to improve the speed and efficiency of new built plants; by professional service in engineering & electrical automatic control system to make great changes in plant energy saving, environmental protection, labor cost reducing and plant higher efficiency.

UGEAN has established a good cooperation with many foreign-capital customers with high stability and strong specialty. Such as Honeywell(USA), KNORR-BREMSE(German), AKZO Nobel(World top 500), DISA(Denmark), SIKA China(Swizerland),Weir Minerals(UK), MWV(USA), Hydratech(Demark), Chuo Malleable(Japan), Far East Group(Taiwan), Osong(Korea), etc,.

Those are just parts of us, UGEAN's electrical engineering and automatic control system can bring you much convenience anywhere as long as you need ..

Better choice, no regret
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About us
UGEAN was founded in 2007,as the industrial integration supplier in the service of global fields, providing solutions for the electrization, digitization & intelligent integrated industrial integration and systematic engineering with high quality in high-end fields and new emerging industries. We are positively working on developing services for new industries base on the idea Industry 4.0...